Guest apartment

A visitors’ apartment is available at Mariners’ Park for family and friends of residents to stay in while they are visiting.

A guest flat is available for the guests of residents

Having more time for visitors is one of the things that make the retirement years something to look forward to.

At the Nautilus Welfare Fund, we understand that once you move to Mariners’ Park, your family and friends may not be as close by as they used to be, so short visits might become more difficult. We appreciate that the Park’s retirement apartments do not always have space for overnight guests, and we cannot accommodate non-residents in the Care Home.

This is why the Fund has set aside one apartment specifically for the guests of Mariners’ Park residents, both those in the Care Home and in our independent housing.

This one-bedroom apartment includes all the mod-cons of a self-catered apartment including fully furnished kitchen, bathroom and living area – complete with a flat screen TV!

Visitors must book in advance but can stay for anything from a single night to two weeks at a time – giving residents time for a proper catch-up. It costs just £15 a night, providing a realistic and affordable option for guests.

To book the apartment for their guests, residents should contact the Nautilus Welfare Fund office.